Art of Spice

The Art of Spice

Dry spice blends are no more than dried natural herbs and seasonings, cut up and blended together in different proportions to create different overall flavors.

Here are some Secrets to the Art of Spicing:

Hydrated herbs can achieve better flavor; use olive oil, broth or other liquids, or simply allow the natural moisture escaping from the heated or steamed foods to hydrate them.
Adding spices to meat or veggies just before cooking, or just after, will result in completely different tastes; season foods 30-45 minutes before cooking for stronger flavor.
Dried herbs mixed with low moisture foods like sour cream and cream cheese will hydrate more slowly and taste stronger the longer it sits.

Recommended Techniques:

2-finger pinch vs. 3-finger pinch: Basiks at Home™ spice blends use exotic ingredients like crushed rose hip, coffee, and ancho chilies to create unique flavors. Our spices are complex blends used in restaurants from coast to coast. Basiks at Home™” beginners may want to start off using a 2-finger pinch when seasoning your food. (You can always add more!) Basiks at Home™ veterans may want to try a 3-finger pinch.

The Art of Finishing

Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) and balsamic vinegars can be used as finishing flavors. In fact, most gourmet restaurants use high quality EVOOs and vinegars to finish their dishes. We at Basiks at Home™ want you to be able to make restaurant quality food when you cook at home. Our EVOOs and balsamic vinegars can help you do just that!

Here are some Fabulous ways to Finish:

Drizzle any of our EVOOs lightly over cooked fish, grilled chicken, roasted meat or veggies for amazing flavor without heavy sauces.
Mix our EVOOs and balsamics with our spice blends for fresh and zesty salad dressings. Serve a simply sophisticated appetizer plate of hard nutty cheeses, roasted pine nuts, and fresh berries all drizzled lightly with a flavored balsamic vinegar. Satisfy your sweet tooth with and drizzle of flavored balsamic on top of sliced berries, pound cake and ice creams.

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